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What should you expect when you come to NewLife Gathering on a Sunday morning?

Christian Fellowship Knoxville


As you enter Bridgewater, you’ll be greeted by volunteers whose calling it is to make you feel comfortable and welcome! Put on a name tag with everyone else and enjoy our complimentary donuts and coffee.


At NewLife Gathering, our emphasis is on fellowship. We find great value in building a community that is focused on serving one another and sharing the love of Christ with all people. Come early and hang out before the services or chat with old or new friends after we’re finished. We also have breakfast the third Sunday of each month that is catered by Bridgewater Event Center staff. The food is always exceptional and we offer it free of charge for first time visitors, college students, and kids 12 and under. If you fall outside one of those categories, the top notch breakfast will cost you a whopping $5 to enjoy.

Christian Fellowship Knoxville
Christian Worship Knoxville


We start our service around 10:30am every Sunday morning. Again, it is our goal to make you feel comfortable and welcome with us. Come as you are, ready to sing some good songs and get ready to hear God’s Word. Hal and Scott always bring it and we know you’ll leave the service with a clear vision of what God has to say to you that morning!

Children's Ministry


We have a bustling children’s ministry that meets in adjacent rooms to our main “worship” room. We encourage families to worship together so we are all present during the songs at the beginning of the service and dismiss children following the music. The kids are well attended to by background checked volunteers whose heart it is to teach your little ones about God’s love for them. They’ll learn about God and have a great time doing it!