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NewLife Students

NewLife Students exist to see students become passionate followers of Christ and equip them to make a difference through loving, serving, and belonging in the family of God.

Student Events

Middle School Bible Study 

1st & 3rd Sundays @ 12:30pm

High School Bible Study 

Wednesdays @ 7pm at Bridgewater Place

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Discipleship: Growing Students to be disciples of Jesus. 

BIG WIN – We win when students develop spiritual disciplines and willingly make them a regular part of their daily routines.


Evangelism: Reaching students with the good news of Jesus and helping them reach their friends 

BIG WIN – We win when students can clearly communicate the gospel, boldly share it with their friends and when students feel comfortable inviting others to youth groups.



Service: Helping students discover their gifts and use them to serve the larger church and their community. 

BIG WIN – We win when students look beyond themselves, regularly serving in the church, their community and serve others, and enjoy it. 



Fellowship: Connecting Students to God, each other and the larger church. 

BIG WIN – We win when students feel connected to a mentoring adult, to their peers and belong to the youth group. The result should be a falling in love with the community of the church.

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