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Day Five

“My son, pay attention to my wisdom, turn your ear to my words of insight, that you may maintain discretion and your lips may preserve knowledge.” Proverbs 5:1-2

We are to receive this as a direct instruction from our Father. One thing I’ve noticed in my life is when it’s time to teach my children or grandchildren something very important and potentially dangerous if not understood, the first thing I do is to ensure that they are focused. When I say focused I mean really focused that they not only hear me, but they fully comprehend the severity of what I’m communicating to them. This is exactly what’s happening here. The subject God, our Father, is helping us focus and fully understand the significance of staying faithful. God is being direct about how important this is to Him and how important it needs to be for us our marriages and relationships. He wants us to focus and fully understand the consequences of not following His instruction here.

To listen to wisdom, you’ll need to “be attentive” and “incline your ear.” These two English phrases translate two similar Hebrew phrases. The first means to incline your ear; the second means to really incline your ear. Listening to wisdom is like listening to a quiet talker. You have to lean in, turn an ear toward them and concentrate.

This is God warning us all that God is wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, for we know that all wisdom, knowledge, and understanding comes from God, not Solomon. This is God telling us all that we need to listen and obey the greatest authority in all the Universe! This is God telling you that if you want wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that we must seek God, not false god’s or idols. This is God telling us to never be satisfied that we know enough, that we have enough knowledge, that we receive all the knowledge of God we can obtain, never become complacent!

Here is a saying, “yearn to learn that you may live to love!” Listen, the ability to love to live is learning to yearn for God. I hope that challenges you this morning, as you dig into the meaning of Solomon’s words of wisdom. These principles are meant to make you wise, not righteous. Only Jesus can make you righteous. God loves you so much that he sent Jesus to die for you so that you could be forgiven, cleansed, and adopted if you trust and follow him. “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ
Jesus” (Romans 8:1).

Pray for the righteousness of Christ in your heart this morning. Pray for your ability to yearn to learn for God’s wisdom. Pray for a heart to live to love.