21 Days of Prayer January 8th, 2019

I knew it was new of life’s biggest moments I was experiencing. We’d filled a cart with groceries and transferred them to his car. We’d unpacked the bags, made the bed, signed the papers, walked through the campus and we were lingering a bit before the inevitable. His dad started the inevitable goodbyes and we walked hand in hand leaving our first-born in the parking lot of the local grocery store just a few miles from his college apartment. It was an eight-hour drive back and I cried for eight hours. 18 years prior I had responsibility for everything that mattered in his life….What he ate, when he slept, where he slept, what he wore. I knew about every scar, stitch, bump and bruise….I bandaged skin knees and tended torn hearts. So asking me to just walk away and feel nothing would have been asking the impossible. I remember the mixed up, scary, excited, scary feeling of freedom in watching my parents leave…I’d experienced it myself 40 plus years prior, but…. I felt that I had literally just left my heart in the parking lot of the IGA! Growing up and leaving is a natural and healthy part of life…. But leaving can be challenging.
We are introduced briefly to Abram in the last part of Genesis chapter 11. We know he is the son of Terah (a descendant of Noah’s son Shem)…that he lives in Haran and is married to Sarai who “was not able to have any children”. Then chapter 12 begins with these words…
“Then the Lord said to Abram, LEAVE….”
A new year offers a fresh start. Whether you are a resolution making, goal setter, or not….we all feel a sense of cleansing and “newness” that comes with the turning the calendar page to a new year. There is hope on the clean page of January. There is promise and potential on that page. But there is one thing you cannot do, and that is to jump back for a day or two into the previous year. Once you’ve turned the page into the next year…it’s impossible to live one more moment in the old.
God asked Abram to leave….to leave his home, his country, his family, his familiar, his identity, his security and to “Go”…trusting God to give him a land that He would lead him to. If God is going to take you to a new place…you have to leave. Hebrews 12:1”…”let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles us”
What might be that thing you need to “throw off” in order to move forward and leave? …maybe it’s pride, maybe it’s fear, maybe its self-absorption, maybe its believing lies from the enemy, maybe it’s a destructive relationship, maybe it’s indulging old habits, maybe it’s looking for fulfillment in places outside of a relationship with Jesus.
…maybe you feel “tangled up” in choices that have left you with some significant consequences, maybe it’s a feeling of hopelessness in where your “tangled mess” has left you.
…whatever it is …remember God asked Abram to leave because He wanted to give him his heart’s desire and to bless generations to come. God was able to fulfill His promises because Abram left. God was able to do exceedingly far more abundantly than Abram could begin to think, because he left.
Thank the Lord for the “land of promises” He has for you. Ask Him to reveal the sin in your life that so easily entangles and how you got there. Ask Him what it is He might need you to “leave” in order to bless you!