21 Days of Prayer: August 25

Day Twenty

Spending quiet time with the Lord does several things…it allows you space for uninhibited fellowship with Him (to experience His great love for you), and it gives space for Him to give illumination on your life (to show you areas where He wants you to grow).

Isaiah 30:21-22 says, “Your own ears will hear Him.  Right behind you, a voice will say, this is the way you should go, whether to the right or to the left.  Then you will destroy all your silver idols and your precious gold images.  You will throw them out like filthy rags and say to them, Good Riddance!”

Lawnmowers are designed to cut grass.  Run that lawn mower over gravel or sticks and stones and disaster ensues.  The lawn mower is damaged and perhaps anyone near is hurt as well.

We are idol making factories.  The idols in your life may not look like carved silver or gold statues that you wake up and bow down to every morning.   But idols can be anything that you worship instead of the Lord…..the approval of others, things, money, a relationship, status, and success….these are a few things we can make priorities over God’s priorities for our lives, and we make these all day long.  Unfortunately, we can hide these idols deep in our hearts and not even really know that they’ve become too much of a priority in our lives until God shows us. You were made to worship God and when you’re worshipping anything else disaster ensues. These idols fall far behind the amazing joy and completeness we feel when we worship the Lord.  Pray that right now the Lord would reveal anything you’ve made a priority and worshipped besides Him.  Spend this day intentionally worshipping the Lord….make it your intention to-

Psalm 20:2 “Ascribe to the Lord the Glory due His name, worship the Lord in the splendor of His holiness!”