21 Days of Prayer: August 10

Day Five

I’m reading a book about sheep with some friends.  Did you know sheep are very dependent upon their shepherd?  They totally rely on the shepherd and without him they’d eat from a single patch of grass until they’re gnawing dirt.  They may even fall over and die because they do not have the ability to flip themselves upright.  They will drink from disease-ridden puddles while the shepherd is leading them to clean cool streams of water if he wasn’t constantly watching them. Sheep follow their shepherd because they are confident in his ability to meet their every need. They know HIS voice and follow only HIM because He is THEIR shepherd. 

Isaiah 30:15 says “Only in returning to me (God)  and waiting for me will you be saved.  In quietness and Confidence is your strength.”

Sheep follow the shepherd because they are confident in his ability to care for them.  Are you confident that your good shepherd will care for you?  I need confidence in the extravagant love of a shepherd that would leave his other 99 and come after me. (Luke 15:4). I need confidence that God pursues me.  I need confidence that He sees and cares for me….And most importantly my ability to have confidence in my shepherd doesn’t rest in my ability to act and feel confident….but it rests in the Ability of Whom my confidence is in!  It’s all about the object of my confidence.  Pray that the meditations of your heart would be filled with the confidence you have in your good Shepherd.  Praise Him for being Your Good Shepherd.